My First Year With 001


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Sep 10, 2000
Wow, this is KEWL...I'm the first one to post in DAW World!
I bought Digi001 a year ago, my first DAW. I'm very happy that I went that route. At the time, Digi still didn't have 001 available for PC, so I had to buy a MAC to run it, Thank God. I didn't have to make the PC vs MAC decision. I love my MAC. Since then, I got a cheap PC for internet, and 'it
just aint a MAC'.
Now, I'm looking to the future, and my next DAW. So many things are in a transitional period right now that I'm not making any definate plans. I'm curious what Apple will be coming-out with this summer, and on the other side, I'm waiting to see what happens with Soundscape/Mackie. Time will tell...