Native+dsp vs. ProTools



Hi! I am about to make the leap from "home" studio to "project" studio (extra space for self -> dedicated room and iso['s]for self and local area up-and-comers). Currently, I am using a Mac (qs dp800, 1.5ram, etc...) with a MOTU2408,timepiece and express, running Logic Plat and DP3. Recently moved from PC (eeek!- still have it, will be in studion as well for PC only apps), primarily because I was going to go with ProTools.
OK- pause to shake heads. Sigh. Ahhh. Now then...
I have heard many differing opinions and suggestions. Stay native- higher track counts, less money- spend the extra cash on outboard. Go PT- highr quality, dedicated dsp, never worry about extra $$$ in bank, etc...
With dsp cards like UAD, Powercore, Pulsar, etc showing more and more 3rd party support, the "native+dsp card" route IS looking far more attractive. Deciding whether I prefer Logic to DP or vice-versa is another headache. I d/l'd PTfree, and do like the simplicity of the baqsic interface, yet it has incredible features when one digs in.
I am coming from using Cubase and Cakewalk from PC, so no matter which I choose, learning curve time. Also used PARIS on and off, which was one of my motivations for going with PT initially. DP3 seems very similar in some ways to PT, and using DP as a front end when composing, and moving to PT for mixing was one idea I had. Logic has VSTi's, and a few other things I really like, but a mixing surface that can be shared between Logic and PT is out (HUI or Radikal for the DP/PT combo).
I also heard that software plugs are written to use the least cpu possible (makes sense- duh), but TDM plugs are written without as much of a dsp drain in mind, thus sounding better, and able to sport more features, etc. Also heard that the actual software code is so different from native apps to PT that the same tracks will sound "better" in PT than any native app (have heard Nuendo as an "except" a few times)
Sorry for the run on and all- just VERY undecided. Logic seems like a huge "Heathkit" from days of old, very deep and distracting at times. DP is a very "mouse happy" app- tons of windows, tons of clicking. Will be doing mostly rock, pop, and some dance; not much hip-hop/r&b. Outside projects will mostly be local acts wanting to get tracks down for a demo/first cd, mixed here or elsewhere. Which brings me to another motivation for the PT rig- being able to take their stuff from here and mix it elsewhere. It seems most facilities have a PT rig, ADAT, DAT, and CD reader, so...
Thanks for taking time to read this. Sorry if it seems long winded, naive, what-not. I have decent mic's (nothing over 2k),but could stand to upgrade from the Digimax I am using as far as pre's go. Nothing remarkable for outboard, since I have stayed software bound for most things. About a dozen keyboards/modules, PodPro, BassPodPro, Digitech 2120, a few Behringer pieces, monitoring through Event 20/20bas w/ Event 15" sub, few other toys I forgot. Only one place I know of locally to record, so I figured if I put together a dedicated studio space, iso, and got decent gear, I could have a nice place for me, and a decent place for up-and-comers to get tracks down for a decent price, relaxed enviornment, etc, and then take the tracks a few hours away for a good mix (if they don't want me doing it-lol).
Thanks- Nikki =)