need help locking ADATS



I'm having a hell of a time getting ADATS to lock up with Pro Tools. I've followed the directions closely I think ,but still no love from the little buggers.
We've got mix plus,Control 24, USD, BRC, Adat bridge (last in line behind 2 888's) and two Black face ADATS.
If anyone has used this set up we'd really appreciate some help....
We're taking the USD word clock out to 48k in on BRC, sempte out of BRC to LTC in on the usd, BRC set to gen sync external, am I missing something in the Pro Tools session set up dialog maybe?


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Sep 5, 2000
Are you getting good clock from the bnc cable? Try playing the adats without timecode to make sure you have good digital lock. If you hear clicks and pops, go over all your bnc connections. Don't just jiggle em, unplug and reinsert each one. Sometimes even tho it's plugged in doesn't mean you have a solid connection. BNC is kinda ^#$%ed like that - not the greatest interlocking mechanism devised by man - and in the digital world, that lock is all important. Especially check the bnc connection on your adat bridge. I find that in multiple converter setups, it is cleaner to use bnc "T" adapters to feed all the sync in's instead of chaining thru the boxes.

Also, you might have better luck slaving the BRC to both external wordclock and smpte position generated from the USD, instead of slaving PT to LTC from the BRC. If you do it this way, remember to shoot a little bit of code at the top, then stop and give the adat's time to shuttle before you start again. I would give at least 15-20 seconds preroll for the ADAT's to sync up.

Hope that helps.