need multitrack recording software suggestions

Dec 18, 2000
hey all-

I've been a Cool Edit Pro user for quite a while and finally I am fed up with the mix interface (i.e. no mixer), plus there's really no real-time processing - you basically have to bounce any audio through whatever fx...but I still love the general processing power of CEP :cool: ......

can any of you suggest an app (Logic, Nuendo, etc?) that has a fairly simple interface but is still somewhat deep in the processing, routing, etc. realms? oh yeah, and it has to have a mixer interface and real-time processing...

and just so you don't come back yelling for specifics, here's the technical stuff:

Pentium III 550Mhz
Aardvark soundcard
Cheetah SCSI drives
plenty of RAM/HD space
440BX motherboard

recording basic tracks, gtrs, drums, keys, etc.
through outboard analog mixer.



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Apr 7, 2001
Nuendo is a really cool program..real time processing...great mixer interface..wonderful editing and mastering hidden menus to find other hidden menus. Easy to use..takes a day to learn the basics and then very easy to figure everything else out.
Cubase is the same thing but with a couple of features missing that are in Nuendo. Things like individual write and read automation for each channel. One window for EQ and FX. Mastering function. Surround ability.
Logic is good but takes more time to learn..a little frustrating at times if you ask me. It's a hell of a program with some really cool features and has real time processing as well. Has surround ability too. The interface for Logic as I said can be really confusing and has a steep learning curve and has too many hidden menu things.
I cant stress how fun Nuendo is and how amazing the program is as well.
Dec 18, 2000
well, at least somebody replied (i know it was probably a redundant question on the forum).

i'm just starting to get embroiled into my copy of Nuendo v1.52, and yes it's a big improvement from Cool Edit Pro, much more flexibility, though all the different pop-up windows for EQ, FX etc. will take some getting used to.....word.