Need USB Audio/MIDI interface for Mac/Logic



I've been using digirack 002 through firewire 400 for years and been working fine on macbook pros but being a mac buff, I'm going to want a newer macbook pro eventually, which means no firewire 400. Definitely not the only one with this problem. But at the same time, I'm getting sick of digidesign's core audio problems and updating indifference. I already changed from using Pro Tools to using Logic too.

So, I need a new audio/midi interface, but preferably USB. Someone mentioned the Apogee Duet for ease of use, I don't know about its sonic quality, though. Plus, it only comes in firewire 400 which can be turned into 800 but I already use the 800 slot for my external drive where I keep my music libraries and other recording related software.

The new macbook pro has 1 firewire 800 slot and 2 USB slots. I already use one USB slot for the mouse and the firewire 800 for the external drive. So, I have the last USB slot free where I can hopefully use an interface.

So, by priority, I am looking for:

1) USB connection
2) Least driver issues possible, maybe something very compatible with Macs.
3) Price
4) Good audio quality

I record a lot of electronic and basically only need one input for direct line bass and guitar and one mic preamp for voice and some acoustic guitars.

I know its a little specific but if you guys can't find something no one can.

Thanks for all the help.


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Nov 30, 2008
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Yes, I have a work around for you if your open.

This will replace your internal CD/DVD burner with another HDD, this enables you to get much faster write times to your computer for tracking.

It also allows you to have a dual boot computer, if need be.

I have been considering installing this in my Macbook as well.

I would suggest that you stay with a firewire interface, and since the digi 002 was never designed for core audio you could surely go with an Apogee Duet.

Just remember, Logic is to Apogee as Pro Tools is to Digidesign.


A little extreme for my taste, hehehe, but it definitely looks like a cool option to have.

I've been looking at the Duet a little more, doesn't seem like a bad option. The reviews on the sound quality are persuasive and the price is not bad at all. Plus, the probability of little or no issues come upgrading time as opposed to hating digidesign with a vengeance is great.

Any other suggestions? Just in case.


Nov 1, 2009
I am with you 100% for abandoning digi! In my short time I have had so much frustration out of them that I have no choice but to believe that they have no interest in customer service whatsoever!

For my older MacBook Pro, I went with eSATA, or external SATA. You can pick up the express card for it from the Apple store nowadays. This allows you to add a TB or better if you should desire, basically any 3.5" drive, by picking up an enclosure from your local electronics Supermart. There are also express cards that add firewire 400 to the MacBook real nice and easy.

For me, though, I have not been a big fan of USB for the reliability needed when recording.

Just a thought . . . .

I like that optibay option for my old MB, tho, especially since I have a dead optical drive anyway!