Neve 1073 Alternatives



Good tip on Brent Averill, but you will not get the real thing (all he sells) for 2k. But you will not wish you had something else either.

Cory Chamberlin

1073's, 1272's and all the BA283 pre family are real easy to build and you can get the original transistors (BC184C) from a Fairchild dealer, plus I believe Lundahl made the original input and output Trannies, they list them on thier site. I have heard people say that "the sound is in the Iron" So, for you electronic buff's, go to and check out some of his clones/ kits. He has schemos for everything Neve.
You can build racks of these. I think he has the 1081 also, that used opamps. JLM is going to offer full neve and API kits too. Go to [=""]JLM[/]