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Quite an event for us folks out in the wilds. The Highlands of Scotland (where sheep outnumber people)we've got our first major studio - check it out on
I'm gonna visit soon if I can git past them wild dogs.


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Feb 10, 2001
Certainly looks like a great spot - although I might be hard pressed to pull myself away from enjoying the fringe benefits to actually get much work done.

It is interesting reading the equipment list. Such a slim variety of mics? No L.D. dynamics mics or ribbons? Nothing special for kick drums (M88, D112, etc.) 20 Sm57's? Definitely sounds like a live sound company's mic closet being converted to studio use.

Also no alternative preamps to what's on the board? Nothing much in the way of outboard processing either?

But what is really interesting is some of the text explainations of their recording philosophy. Not exactly in the mainstream of accepted technique. Sounds like somebody is really hooked on exciters, for instance. Lots of the other stuff (how to de-ess, for example) certainly shows an "unusual" perspective as well.

This could be a case of people who have not really had that much studio experience writing the website content. Or it could be a good lesson about not knowing when to "shut up". If they had just concentrated on the physical and aesthetic amenities and left out the "allow us to explain the technical mysteries" sections, no one would have any reason to question their technical competence.

Given the vibe I am getting from the text, I would certainly recommend bringing in one's own producer with some strong engineering/tech skills (and maybe a rack or two of outboard). Otherwise you could end up with an idiosyncratic result, although with all the fringe benefits, it will probably be a lot of fun.