newb about to order his (anus) advice?



hi im a newbie and have looked on these boards for info for a new daw system and this is what i got:

Pentium 4 2.4 ghz with 533 fsb
Asus P4PE ( is this better than the P4B533-V?)
512 ddr 333 ram
seagate 40 gb for os
wd 120 gb for audio
lite-on cdrw 52x read and 24x burn
matrox G550 video card
17" atx case....(will there be less noise with a bigger 24" atx case and better cooling?)
power supply: enermax 350w ( ball bearing fans x2)

did i leave out anything? is all this a good setup? Opus 2000 can i still do all your tweaks on just xp home instead of pro? Lastly will there be any differnce if i buy the Asus P4PE without the firewire and the ATA133 IDE raid? Im thinking of just getting the Asus P4PE with just the usb 2.0 and the ethernet controller............i will be using this comp with reason and cubase with a delta 44 sound card..........all imput will be welcomed!!!!!...........peace out


Isn't the LiteOn you're referring to 52x burn and 24x Rewrite? Anyways... That Mobo is a good choice. I use the p4t533-c and it works great. I'm using 1066mhz Rambus Ram instead of DDR.

If you don't need the firewire and won't be using it on the system in the future, then I say don't get it. The more bare the mobo is, usually the more stable it is and less chances for hardware failure such as something burning out which is something that is not so common now a days.

I don't think the bigger Case will really quiet down the pc any. Just as long as you use quiet fans you should be ok. If you want more noise dampening, check out and

One of the other or a combination of both should do you justice in quieting down your pc.


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Apr 7, 2001
It really depends on the case design whether or not it will quiet it down. In theory the more space you have inside the more sound will bounce around and amplify. That's why I chose Ahanix cases as they are designed for quiet operations. I think I should have gone with a different case IMHO as I would like one with a front cover on it rather than the exposed fron that it has. Removable bay drive systems are typically louder due to the fans on them.
The P4PE is a great motherboard. With DDR 333 and a 533Mhz FSB Processor you can't go wrong.
You don't need the FireWire or RAID/SATA options. I needed the FireWire myself so that's why I got that board. It's nice not to have to load in another PCI card which enables me to juggle other cards around to get the good configuration going.
XP Home will not let you do some of the tweaks..
things like the removing of messenger via the Run Command...not can you get the gpedit.msc to run on Home either via the Run command. They just don't exist. Also some of the Services may be missing from Pro vs Home.
Otherwise just do the general tweaks and you'll be good to go!
Enjoy your Anus!


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Sep 10, 2000
Going with a larger case isn't as much about making things quieter as it is about making things easier and less cluttered. Cramming everything into a 17" case can be a real pain in the ass. If you tend to be in your puter a lot, doing upgrades or whatever, you'll be glad you gave yourself a little extra space. Jockeying stuff around in a tight space can be aggravating, and usually it will take you longer to do what you need to do.
Also, you would be wise to go with at least a 400 watt power supply. Enermax and Antec are excellent, and not too bad on the wallet.