Newbie needs advice on Delta 1010lt and M-Audio Nova mic



Greets and Happy New Year!

I'm a newbie who is trying to set up a little recording setup. My needs are realy basic : I just need to be able to record midi via a keyboard and vox at the same time, to record to cd.

I bought a Delta 1010lt card and an M-Audio NOVA microphone. After setting everything up, my only problem is I get no sound whatsoever from my MIC. Midi in works fine, have the latest drivers for the 1010lt.

Do I need a preamp? I was under the impression that the 1010lt had a built in preamp?

I understand the M-Audio Nova needs "48V Phantom Power" - I have no idea what that means.

Any advice greatly appreciated - thanks so much!



delta analog inputs 1/2 have preamps. but as far as i notice these two inputs have noise problem. You can change the decibal levels by changing the jumper settings on the card, refer to the manual. dont know about the mic cause dont have one.