Novice Issues...V-drum and MIDI in Cubase SL...problem h



--I was playing back a sequence that I made from the drum editor on Cubase SL last night and realized that the hihat events weren't excactly as I planned. Even though I intended this particular part to play an open hihat, the sound came out as a closed hihat. But what's even more confusing was that just a measure earlier it was playing the open hihat as intended. In other parts, the open hihats would be closed or would sound like someone is messing with the FD-7 hihat controller (Vdrums) when I'm playing it. The open/close events for hihats aren't being rendered accurately throughout the whole song. What am I doing wrong?
I took the following steps in figuring out the problem, but to no avail:

(1) When I add an event on the drum editor, every event I enter with my mouse makes a sound right? Well, when I enter an event corresponding to the open hihat, it makes a closed hihat sound.

(2) So naturally, I go over to my vdrum to check the hihat pad only to find that the pad is playing a closed hihat sound even though the hihat pedal is not being stepped on.

Could it be that, at some point in the song, there is some kind of message being sent from Cubase to the TD-10 telling it that the hihat pedal is being pressed down?

--Also, another problem. When I start the midi playback from the begining of the song, sometimes the first beat comes out delayed. What is that all about?

--Then finally, when I was experimenting with some effects, it automatically doubled up on my existing events at certain points of the song (e.g. the event, whether it be a snare or hihat, were doubled so when I try to erase it completely, I would have to click on it twice with the eraser I getting this across correctly?)