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eMasters have frequently come across this story, told in various forms, over the years. We need your help in adding to the legend, or telling any version you may have heard in the past. This is being posted on a few other forums as we want to track down the man behind the myth!


Music industry hearsay tells of an elusive character, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. This is the legend of Bag O’Donuts.

Popular belief describes this clandestine chap as a great hulk of a man, seldom seen without a paper bag of sweet, tasty donuts clutched in one hand. Though nutritionists wouldn’t recommend such a diet, Bag O’Donuts didn’t care. He got his inspiration from the sugar.

According to general consensus, Bag O’Donuts would, for a price (and possibly more donuts) come and perform expert fades on your tracks when you were really in a pickle. Nobody knows how he got so good at fades – maybe he grew up in a studio – but one thing that’s certain is he had an uncanny talent for executing beautiful fades on tracks when nobody else seemed to be up to the task.

Bag O’Donuts would be called upon from near and far for his abilities, often being flown first class across America, maybe even the world, to work his magic.

One particular story tells of a Michael Jackson album that needed some fades. Quincy Jones knew of this fade expert and sought him out, flying him over to the studio to do what he did best. Bag O’Donuts arrived, and silently went about his work.

Out came the vintage Bakelite fade handle from a grubby string bag. Just before he was about to fade a track, he looked over at Jackson and gestured at his glove. A bemused Jackson removed the white silk glove from his hand and passed it to Bag O’Donuts, who crammed his pudgy paw into the glove with not a little difficulty.

With a wry smile, Bag O’Donuts placed his silk-clad hand on the fade handle, waited for the perfect moment and, true to form, faded out the track with the skill of a trained professional.

And that is the legend of Bag O’Donuts.

Poster's note: there is a certain amount of poetic license used in the above, but we genuinely want to know what stories you may have heard about Bag O'Donuts!
Thanks in advance for your help
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Jun 22, 2004
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Hmmmmmmmmmmm....this sounds eerily similar to an infamous Mob character here in the Philadelphia area, Joey Bag-O-Donuts. He was large, he was mean, and I think he carried a bag of the sugared confections around as he did his loan-sharking deeds.

I wonder if it's the same guy..... :twisted: