Patch bays



I was wondering if anyone would be willing to explain what they use their patch bay for, specifically. At my university, the patch bay is used to connect the sub-outs to the inputs, but for some reason I'm thinking that there are other ways of connecting things. If I'm wrong, oh well.
Also, I was planning on purchasing the edirol fa-101 firewire audio interface and was wondering how a patch bay would improve the set-up.
Any opinions would be appreciated!


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Jan 6, 2003
Smithtown, NY
Its the quickest way to connect external audio gear and re-route audio signals to different channels and recorders to the changing specifications of different clients/engineers/projects/songs. The bigger the console (or DAW set up) and the more gear you have, the bigger the patchbay you may have.

In the case of use with the Eridol, having a patchbay (in front of you) beats having to rewire the unit from the back if you need to modify your set up.