Patchbay question



This may not be the most approriate forum for this question but as I have read the posts of Fletcher on RAP for a couple of years, I feel confident he will have the most concise direction.

I recently added a 2" 24 track to my studio setup that includes 32 tracks of ADAT XT as well. I currently have the ADAT I/Os and the board I/Os linked in a patchbay.

What would be the smartest and most correct way for me to now tie in the 2"? I also just acquired Nuendo and will be attempting to integrate this as well. I will, I think, continue to mix analog with Nuendo because I prefer my outboard gear.

Suggestions and direction are welcome.



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Feb 10, 2001
By "linked in the patchbay", I'll have to assume you mean 'normalled', as in the output of each bus on the desk is 'normalled' to the input of an adat.

I'm not a "tech", nor do I play one on television, so take this with a grain of salt...but I've heard tell that you can "mult" up to 3 inputs from one output. In other words, if your desk outputs are 'normalled' to the 32 inputs of your adats, you can also 'normal' the inputs of your 24 track to the same 1-24 outputs of your desk.

Again, I'm not entirely sure about this, but you may either need patch cables or a relay system to connect the outputs of the 24 track to the desk.

Anyway you look at it, I'd recommend you consult the 'tech' you're using for your regular facility maintenance.

Best of luck.