Phase problems after Processing SD2 file with TComp/EXP

Alécio Costa - Brazil

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Mar 19, 2002
Phase problems after Processing SD2 file with TComp/EXP

I was "mastering" a Horn band album a few hours ago and then I faced this problem..
My client, the conductor, felt he conducted with a too low bpm.. yes, after almost 6 months of recording/editing/ production´s day 01....

Ok, I could do the TC exp to every single track..OH My God...

Examining the final SD2 44k/24 bit PT 5.1.1 TDM file (Mix system) which sounded ok before TComp/ exp... Phase was fine too.

I processed the file with Digirack´s Tcomp/exp audiosuite plug-in and then, it started sounding quite funny in Mono.

Phase read-out at PAZ becomes agressivelly anti-phase.
So.. any ideas besides re-recording everything or TC/exp each individual track?

Would you recommend me any other TC/EXP plug?
I don´t think the junior mastering Waves are adding so much phase problems because everything sounded fine before the audiosuite processing.

BTW.. I was increasing speed from (varies from 103 to 109) to +2.5%.
Maybe are the random speed bumps/breaks that "damage " the phase?

Thanks in advance
Nice week

Alécio Costa - Brazil

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Mar 19, 2002
I never imagined this audiosuiteg plu could be so awful for some cases.
I´ve just tried with Pitch n´time and the final result is 80% better!
Is there any other plug you guys would recommend me over this?


Hey Alecio.

Yes unfortunately i think you will need to go back and do this speed ramp in the Orig session.
Some suggestions if I may.

Use the serato plug.
Strap any mono tracks and treat them as stereo.
Find someone with Digital performer and try the timecomp/exp function there. VERY good.
Did you try the the process on the Stereo file?
Also ( and this is time consuming) try a prog like SONICWORX.

I will think some more and hopefully someone here will come up with a helpful answer.

Best of luck.

Alécio Costa - Brazil

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Mar 19, 2002
many thanks. I have just used Pitch ´n time with the stereo file. It is really good. I avoid to bash gear but digirack´s tc exp was a disaster.
I will save the nice info you posted here.

Michael Fossenkemper

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Sep 12, 2002
NYC New York
Strings are the hardest thing to time-compress. They are very complex waveforms with lots of overtones and harmonics. Not to mention that they sustain and any fluctuation is very noticeable. Once I found that dumping the mix to 1/2", vari-speeding it to the tempo I wanted and then pitch-shifting it down sounded the best. Some other times I found that doing it in small steps worked better. It's really a trial an error process with strings.