PLEASE HELP! M-Audio Firewire 410



hey guys., i just bought this firewire 410 and i have no idea how to use it. i installed the drivers.. plugged it in... and now i want to record. im trying to record my guitar. im familiar with recording using the mic input on my computer. but never through a device like this.

im using adobe audition.. and its not picking up any of the guitar. i wasnt sure what to mess with in the preferences. but when i did. all i got was this electronic fuzzy noise when i strummed the guitar.. and you can barely hear it. im not sure how to utilize the preamp. or if im supposed to plug the guitar into a certain jack.

im also curious how im supposed to hear what im playing. i plugged in headphones aswell. and i didnt get anything. there isnt any sound coming out of the computer speakers either.

could anyone give step to step directions on how to record a guitar track using audition. and how to hear it. or is there some other software i should use.. like cooledit or something? please help.



I think that is common these type of more professional soundcards do not allow U to listen to what U input directly. U need to activate the monitor. I don't know about your soft, in cubase U hit the little speaker in each track. When U do that, you listen to what U have plugged to that input. It may also have the direct monitoring feature, wich means the soundcard makes a direct connection between input and output, so U can listen to it directly without passing thru the system, so without latency (delay produced by the processing of the signal in your system). U should also be able to control some of this things from the mixer or program the card should bring. Hope this can help U!.