Please help me decide my new equipments!


Mar 3, 2004
Bs. As.
Hi, I´m opening this thread, because after having waited for several
months, I am able to buy the equipment I need to start recording,
and I need advice on the following:

I am going to buy a sound card, a condenser mic and a pre. I can spend a total of 500 dollars, and based on previous
threads I have decided to go with an AT3035 mic, an M-Audio delta 44
card, and an M-Audio DMP3 pre-mic.

I am going to be in Miami next week, and I would like to know which
is the best place to buy them at, which one has the best prices for
this sort of product. According to what i saw on ebay, they are
around 150 dollars each (should I just buy them directly at ebay?)

I would also like to know, regarding the mic, which one you
recommend, if the AT 3035 or a Rode NT1, since they both are at
almost the same price.

Last, I have also been thinking about whether I should just buy a
used mic instead of a new one, this way I could get a better one,
like the AT 4045 or an AKG C 414 B ULS...I wanted to ask you if you
think it´s a good idea to get a used mic, and around what price will
I be able to find them. Is there any place in Miami where they sell
used equipment? Or if you know anyone interested in selling them,
please refer them to me!

Thanks and I am anxiously looking forward to your answer.

Warmest regards,



Hey Toni,

I believe there is a Guitar Center in Miami, which means they will have pretty good prices. Also go online to some well known place, like Sam Ash,, American Musical Supply, etc and print out the best prices possible. That way Guitar Center will have a price to match. They will usually price matchg if it is a well known place.

As for the mic, I would personally take my chances on a used C414 because they sound awesome, but there is always a chance...



Mar 3, 2004
Bs. As.
Hi Oddsare, Thanks a lot for your answer!! =)

I would really love to buy an AKG C414 used, but i don't know where I can look for. I posted here in the forum and i hope someone answers me. I don't have too much time cause my friend will be in miami in a week. I hope i could find someone interesed in buying one!
if you know a place/store where i could ask, please advise me ;)
c ya!



Tonato, go to Ebay or Sweetwater's trading post ( for that 414. AMS ( is great for starting out with just a little bit of cash, they have these no interest payment plans perfect for spreading your cash. Not the greatest selection,'s worth it.