portable recording devices/recording on the go



I wish I had something like a Tascam2424 except smaller, like only 4 tracks, but with pres on them, and phantom power. Am I asking reality for to much for such a product to exist within a reasonable price range? I have the opurtunity to make money recording some lady who wants live organ, and I have had to turn away many other potential clients because I never want to move my whole studio for one gig.

Anyone with some advice on anything that might help after reading what I jotted down, feel free... but mostly I am looking for a device to bring to locations and do digital recording, but not an adat or dat, etc...



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Feb 23, 2001
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Well, there is some real good stuff made for the broadcast market used in film/tv but they are gonna cost you nearly as much as the Tascam 2424.

You might look at the cheapie digital stuff that has replaced the cassette 4-tracks or buy a used 4-track cassette. Fostex makes the MR-8 8-trk with mini mixer, effects, USB interface to record on flash memory cards for about $300. Korg makes the PXR4 4-trk which is same kind of thing with less features and smaller footprint for $300. Tascam makes the Portastudio-5 4-trk a lot like the Korg unit and has a built in`MIDI tone module and can save files in MP3 format for $400. Check their websites for exact details. Boss/Roland also makes something that might be of interest. These may not offer phantom power, but an external phantom power supply can be purchased seperate and is likely to be better in the long run anyway for reliable, clean power.


Don't forget to check ebay. There's tons of stuff on there that I paid plenty for new, that is going for a fraction of the new cost.