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Hello guys, I'm one of those people tired of beign Digidesign's slave... I'm just curious about how many plugs are you guys using on your setups... I mean the: "I do 24 trks with 4 band EQ, compressors, 4 verbs... all the time" type of thing. If you can give any info on that, it'll be very helpful. Thanks :)


Hey Jeronimo! Welcome aboard!
Do you mean doing TDM with logic instead of ProTools or do you think about going native with logic and other Hardware?
I'm working on TDMix-systems as well as on different machines with MOTU Hardware.
The track-count on both systems is dependant on disk-speed (40+ tracks off a SCSI-disk), while the DSPing is the BIG difference:
On Digidesign-hardware, you are limited by the number of available DSP-chips, in native-land, the processor has to take the load...

An uptodate computer will give you enough power to compete with a Mix+ and beyond - mixwise.
Recording is another thing - latencywise.

Have a look at

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