Problems with PowerCore Firewire

Thomas W. Bethel

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Dec 12, 2001
Oberlin, OH
I just returned the PowerCore firewire to my dealer. My computer is setup correctly and had all the necessary horsepower to run the plugins. And I installed an Adaptec Firewire card to be used only for this unit.

I had the following problems with the unit.

1: It had problems communicating with my computer and would just stop dead. (not a good thing with a client sitting next to you)

2: The reverbs sounded good but most of the other plugins sounded harsh or distorted and as a mastering engineer I had a no use for many of them.

3: Calls to tech support were problematic to say the least.

I thought this unit would be of the quality of the M6000 or at least the M5000. I was disappointed. I own a lot of TC gear (M2000, M3000 and 2 Finalizers) and have always thought that TC made very good gear. This unit came very highly recommended so it was a big disappointment to actually get it and find that it did not perform as per what I had been led to believe. I joined the PowerCore users group and now see that I am not the only one who is having problems with their PowerCore units. Most of the problems seem to be clicks, pops and drop outs.

I was just a a demo of the TC M6000 and was blown away by the unit. The person doing the demo spoke very highly of the PowerCore and compared it to a M6000. I guess he was mistaken.

Anyone else having problems with their PowerCore?

Thanks in advance .


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Dec 20, 2004
I think it's a bit unrealistic to expect some plugins (which is what these are) to perform the same as dedicated hardware units that cost 2 or 3x as much. I think the Powercore is better suited for mixing or perhaps home mastering. I mainly use mine (I have PCI version) for reverb or for extra EQ when my UAD1 is full.

Sucks that yours isn't working with your system, though. I kinda got screwed back when I got my PCI Powercore. There was this promotion where you send in this registration form and get a $100 rebate. Well....never saw the rebate. It was handled through a separate rebate center, so I didn't even bother trying to get anywhere with TC.