ProTools session Mac --> ProTools session PC?


Rikard F

I have a ProTools song that is originally created on a Mac computer. Now a have the song on a CD and wants to work with it on my PC. When a use Windows to view the CD contents I notice that there are no file-extensions on the files. I can rename the sessionfile an manually add the '.pts' on the filename, but when I then try to open it in ProTools, the program says:
"Could not complete the 'Open Session...' command because: An error accoured while reading the document."
If I manually rename a soundfile and adds the '.sd2' and try to import the file into a ProTools session the message " 'file.sd2' is unreadable by protools" comes up in the 'Import Audio ' dialog box. If I play a .sd2 file with Awave Studio it's just noise.
Any suggestions to a solution to my problems would be greatly appreciated.
Rikard F.


The only tip I can think of is trying to "Import Session Data" rather than trying to open the MAC file. This has worked for me at times when the MAC file wasn't saved using MAC > PC compatibility.

lorenzo gerace

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Jan 27, 2002
What Pro Tools version was used to create the session on the Mac? You only have the compatibility option if it was 5.1 or higher; I think your only option is to open back the session on a Mac equipped with PT 5.1 and create a session copy enabling the "Mac PC compatibility option", and converting the audio files to .Wav or .aiff. Then you'll be able to see it and open it on the PC.

Hope this helps



i know you can do that . search the ive seen it there a couple days ago.


I had the same experience as Northeastmusic. And Gerax has the right idea too. Here is some more info i hope might be useful. I had to rename the extensions, and import into ProTools. Even if you don't use the "PC Compatible" option on protools 5.1 it is still possible to open on windows. The reason it's there is to give you extensions and ProTools for for the PC is missing some features found on the MAC ProTools version, and you won't even realize it because those parameters just won't appear. On the PC don't try and double click on the session to open it like you would with most programs. The "file association" feature in Windows won't work because the session saved data to a particular location on MAC, now you'll have to redirect it to the audio file location. Windows won't know where the session files are located because the mac doesn't use the table of contents that WinXP uses. bla bla bla... anyway, open ProTools first and then open or import the session from within ProTools. It will ask you where to find the audio files etc...
If you read what Northeastmusic and Gerax said and is still doesn't work then I suggest you call Digidesign or search their knowledgebase, it's very good.