PT HD in sync with Cubase 2.0




Can somebody tell me how to sync PT HD Accel
as a master to Cubase SX 2.0.
PT is on 1. computer with USB Midi terminal,and SX on 2. with MTPAV on parallel port.

I tried to put MTPAV on both computers but neither PT recognizes it in slave mode and SX does, neither
SX recognizes PT when PT is master.
Do I really need to buy SYNC device (2000$)?
I can get an old SMPTE SLAVE DRIVER for PT for little money, but I don't know if it
is compatible.
Thanks in advance


Both Pro Tools and Cubase should be able to generate MIDI timecode while playing. Pro Tools needs to be put online to generate, but it should work. You should be able to do this by going to the session setup and setting the sync device (my terminology may not be completely accurate because I'm not in front of the screen right now) - set it to Generic MTC Device. Generate from one port - connect that output to a MIDI input on your Cubase computer - set Cubase to receive MTC from that input port. Make sure the session start times are the same and it should work fine.

good luck


Thanks for your help.

That's exactly what I did and it didn't work.
I downloaded the newest MOTU software (2.20 inst.
2.10)and finally Cubase is starting to move on 1.
comp. and PT goes too, but Cubase on the same comp as PT doesn't start and I can't hear recorded tracks on PT when in sync with MOTU
neither can record new tracks.MOTU is on the same comp. as Cubase without PT.
Interestingly, Cubase still doesn't start (on both comps) when PT is master and sends MTC to Cubase.Something is not wright with Cubase,
but somehow I can work now.