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Sep 6, 2000
I have been debating/ holding off on buying ProTools because of all the hipe about soundscape and now I hear about nuendo.

I feel that the DAW's are the way to go.

What is soundscape all about. Pro Tools seems to be the industry standard and isn't this a very important dission maker?


I just checked out their site, partners involved are very few with noplug-insto speak of, end of discussion. Pro Tools Rocks!

Long Live Pro Tools


Ford is the automotive leader, would that mean you should by a Ford? Does that make Ford the Best choice or Product out there? Not necessarily, there are plenty of options , Chevy, Chrysler, BMW, VW, Ect...
Pt has been around for over 15 years, I would hope it would have a large user base with that amount of time being on the market.
But, does that make it the best choice today? Like Ford, PT, Has a lot of Competition, each competitor having there own pro's and con's (including PT). The best way for you to find out what your best choice would be, is to figure out what your needs are, what features you are looking for. This way you set a standard that would reflect your needs and wants. After you have set your standard, let me know, and I would be happy to tell you honestly how Soundscape stands up to it.
As far asplug-ins
we currently have plug ins from TC Works, Cedar, Time Works, Dolby Digital Labs, wave Mechanics, Aphex, Syncro Arts, Arboretum, and many more in discussion with us now.

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Sep 10, 2000
Hi, nice to see you in here again.
Indeed, there are many DAWs on the market.
There are many up-and-coming companies out there, gaining ground, but ProTools is still the industry standard (for the time being).
Nuendo is projecting to have their Mac version out by the Spring. So if Nuendo is a
serious consideration, I would strongly recommend that you wait to see the Mac version, of course.
Soundscape R.ed seems like a great system,
so you may want to try to find a music store in your area that has one set up for demo.
Aardvark is also introducing some new products in the next few months that you may want to check-out.
The DAW market is changing rapidly, and it's easy to see that a lot is going to be happening in the near future.
So, it really depends how soon you need to buy. If it were me looking to spend $10,000
or more on a system, I would give things a few months to see how things develop, and give myself more choices, become more informed.

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Mar 20, 2000
Nanaimo BC, Canada
1.) In general, what is soundscapes focus on internet audio and the multimedia market. Anything we should know?

2.) Now here is a big step...
Here is something that I see happening in the future.

I am in Canada and upload my session onto say... http:// (futuristic thinking)

assuming that this is what I think will be an online studio in time, My session is open for other "PT musicians"/ users to say, lay down a guitar or synth track. Say I like what I hear so I pay the other "PT musician"/ guitarist in NY for the work he did on my session. An online transaction takes place and I can download my session with his/her work.

Any comments on this foresight?.
don't laugh saw it here first.

Just curious for a comment and, I love stimulating conversations.
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Those are some very good points SonOfSmawg!

to answer your question, simply put we are capable of doing your "futuristic Idea,,,,,Today"!
Soundscape was created with Networkability as a focus not a feature. This is one of the reason why post facilities who use us, love us so much, is our networkability. To better understand how we network, I am going to give you a simple scenario.
We will use a post facility for this scenario.
Lets say that there is a session being mixed in the stage room, ok and the Producers do not like a sound effect, Well, the Sound FX editor could make a change in his room, and resend the arrangement back to the stage, with only the changes made, he did not have to re-send the whole arrangement.( Basically the time it took for the producers to take a smoke break, the changes were done and back at the stage ready for the mix session to continue) resulting in less "Down time and tempers for that matter.
Soundscape automaticity looks at the destination to see if the sounds in its arrangement already exist there, if it does it will not re-send it ( in turn Speeding up, the transfer) Like wise the stage over time will have built a "Library of it's own locally, of recently and commonly used sound files." So in essence, If the Producer like a Sound effect from last week, the M&E engineer could load it up locally with out ever leaving the stage.
Now let's apply this to your "Idea"
First as we all know and will agree, the internet is already a network in place, So you wouldn't have to do any more then just export your session up that network.
1) you upload your Arrangement to a Server, or straight to the user you intend to send it to
2) Your buddy, downloads or opens the arrangement, he creates his "Guitar tracks" lets say in all he adds 2 tracks, and some mixer changes and resends it back to the server or you.
When he re-sends it back the only thing he is sending are the changes he made (Ie. the 2 tracks and any automation or mixer changes)

Granted the only catch 22 here is in your connection speed.

If you had a Soundscape you could send it to me right now.

Joel Gette
Soundscape Digital

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audiokid, are you talking about something like "Rocket power" for the Rocket network? Rocket power is a recent feature in Logic and Cubase, which enables users around the world to enter virtual studios on the internet, and contribute to a session.
Could this be a feature for Soundscape? (or PT)
Look into it at: