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Hello Opus. I am wondering if you had a chance to compare the converters on the 4416 to some of the external converters out there. Is there anything you can recommend as being consiberably better? Anything that is not really much of an improvement? Anything definitely worse?

I am particularly wondering about the RME converters (ADI8-pro or ADI8-DS), as they are avaiable in Japan for a not-too-ridiculous markup. Lucid stuff is not available here, and according to their web site, there is no power supply (100V) for the Japanese market. Apogee stuff is ridiculous.


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Apr 7, 2001
The converters on the AW4416 are not that great in my opinion..using an external box such as an RME interface would be a truly great combo. RME has some amazing products out there that are making some serious headway in the DAW recording world. Other converters to look at would be PreSonus products. They make a DigiMax which sounds nice and warm..whether it is available in Japan I am not sure...Opus2001 huh?! Would that be like a new revision of me? IF so what do you think I should update about myself?!!!
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