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Any comments from Sunfire subwoofer "cube" users welcome!



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Feb 10, 2001
Subwoofers are a pain in the ass on their best days. The biggest problem is lining them up with the mains for something that resembles similar timing. They're great for watching movies at home, but I've never gotten them to sit right in a control room.

You might consider other, larger speakers, more amplifier, some work to your room or a whole lot of other $*^t before a sub-woofer.

That said...I'm pretty much talking about product here...they can be a fairly cool tool when you're doing writing and programming, I was mainly referring to 'serious mixing' [and only in my particular case...I know several people that hire in extra subs from sound reinforcement companies to get stooopid amounts of bass in the control room...and their $*^t comes out great.


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Sep 5, 2000
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The Sunfire seems to be really good. I got one for home, and while it was better than anything else I've used, the timing stuff pissed me off and I returned it. I use the Mackies a lot and they have more than enough bass for me but I usually don't do stuff that makes peoples' cars shake.