Recording a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier direct



I have a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head (three times fast). How should I set it up to record direct, without the speaker sound? I want to record late at night and reamp when I can make some noise. I know you shouldn't use it without a load on the speaker output (I almost blew it up while accidently trying it, but it's ok now). So should I solder 4 ohm resistors in series and wire them to half a guitar cable in a loop? I can use the jack labelled "Slave Out - to Power Amp In" on my head for the direct box, so all I want to do is eliminate the speakers from the amp. Is this the correct way?

Bear's Gone Fission

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Jan 4, 2001
There's a bunch of load boxes out there to mimic the speakers after the output transformer. Look into the Marshall Power Brake, THD Hot Plate, Trainwreck/Alesandro Air Brake, and others. The Scholz box is *not* recomended. Unless the Boogie has some sort of silent recording feature (I know the Mark IV did), you will definitely need speakers or a decent replacement to operate your amp without damage.