Recording Jazz with Two Drummers?


K-Sound Studios

Ok, session is in two days.. will be doing live jazz with the following in one room: two drummers (both excellent drummers), sax .. the sax will both be "standard" into a mic format, and our favorite new trick: sax into a mic through a wah pedal into an amp (mic the amp). The standup bass will be in an isolated room.
No big stress here .. just contemplating pase problems with the drums .. any suggestions on this project .. it ought to be a ball .. can't wait.

K-Sound Studios

Worked out great, here's what the setup was:

Two drum sets, side by side, with an L-Shaped 8' gobo between them. That kept overhead bleed to almost nothing.

Set One: Ludwig 18" kick 8x12, 14x14, hi hat, four cymbals: Mics: Two SP C-3's in omni, spaced pair about 18" above the drummers ears, Beta 57 on snare, D-112 on kick.

Set Two: Yamaha Classic 18" kick, 8x12, 14x14, hi hat, two cymbals: Mics: two AKG 451E, in an X/Y pattern in front of the kit looking down, about even with the top tom, SM-57 on snare, D-112 on kick.

Drum room mic: One Lawson L-47MP in cardiod.Back about 12' from the sets, and up at "standing chest" height.

There was an elec. bass in the same room, so I placed it aiming away from the drums, on the other side of a 30' room, with a U shaped 8' gobo aound it, and the back of the amp (Ampeg B-18) to the wall. I ran an AT-4047 for the speaker, and also used a direct out on the amp to the console.
Fender P-Bass w/flatwound strings .. solid, and no problems in the drum mics.

Results .. no phase problems with any of the mics anywhere, on either set, set against set, etc.
The sound, open and defined on both sets, toms and kick and snare all great.

Comments: Somedays, things just go right! Go figure, eh?!

The Tenor sax was brought into the Control Room, and I used two Sen 441's on it.