Recording overheads, help needed



posted 07-15-2002 08:38 PM
I have just a couple of questions as to recording overheads for drums. Generally what height are they at - is padding the mic and having the roll off gennerally what is done. i understand that having the OH's high would capture more room sound but can they be to close. Having the roll off on would probably lead to more headroom but is it really needed? Is there any reason to pad the mic other than if the mics are needed to be close to the kit with a hard hitter?

Thanks all

Howdy Steve,
You probably need to pad because of mic overload more than headroom- depends on the mic, do some tests. For stereo OHs go either xy position centered above the kit and at least 18" above the cymbals (many people go much higher), or 3:1 ratio- mics pointing straight down, at least 18" above, 3 times as far apart as distance from cymbals. Check for phase relation! Search "drums" for some excellent tips, what I have told you is just the basics. Cheers, Doc.