recording schools



hi,i am new to recording but i know that i want to make a career out of it.i have been checking into different schools and it seems to be that full sail in orlando is the one everyone recommends.anyway,i would like to get the pro's opinions on full sail.



I'll answer in the vein of our dear Fletcher from Mercenary. DON'T DO IT. Don't waste your money on something that you can learn for free. If you really want to be an engineer at a commercial studio, go intern there for free until you have proven to the staff that you know your $*^t. Think about it for a moment. Place yourself in their shoes. Are you going to trust a paying client to a "certified recording engineer" from a place like Full Sail? ^#$% no. You are going to make him sweep the halls, fetch coffee (and it'd better not be bitter). Or to go buy new strings for the idiot bass player that hasn't changed them since his first paying gig "for good luck." Keep the cash you would spend on the school (I wouldn't blink if you said it was $10k or higher) and use it to eat and have a place to live while you are paying your dues. The last thing you want is to be saddled with a dept that you'll be paying off long after you realize you don't have what it takes to be a Recording Engineer. Good luck with your broom, and remember: keep your eyes and ears open and you trap firmly shut until someone asks you something.
Please understand that this isn't meant to hurt your feelings, but rather to open up your eyes to how this business really works. Sad but true. Good luck.


Hi, Just thought I'd throw in my two cents about FULL SAIL. Two words: RIP OFF!! I happen to have the full sail course catalog in front of me right now and you'll be happy to know that the current tuition is just a mere $27,500. And its about to go up more. Add that in with the fact that they try toshove years of knowlege in to a 10 month crash course and your asking for trouble. I live about an hour away from Orlando, but I'm sure there must be cheaper alternatives where ever you live.