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Hey there everyone,

Quick question. I'm having difficulty recording music mix to my PC to make an MP3. Now I have my RCA outs going into the line in on my Gateway. I'm using music match and have it set to record on Line in, but for some reason, on my PC mixer, I'm not getting anything showing in the recording balance. The only way I've been able to make a quick recording is to play it out of the speakers and into my PC microphone which seems quite silly. There has to be a way. Any suggestions on what may be wrong or other ways to go about it?

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Apr 13, 2001

You could get an adapter that matches your PC mic input, unplug the mic, and plug your VS into the mic input that way, as a quickie fixie. I dunno, dude, I use Mac. You may just wanna find someone with a CD burner, perhaps a local project studio, have them master your mixes to a CD. Then just plop that CD into the CD drive on your PC and load your songs into SoundJam or whatever to create the mp3's. That's what I do, anyway.

Anybody using PC who can help out my man here? Maybe he just needs to get his Gateway to find the signal from the line-ins. With Mac, that would be an extension issue. The line-ins would have an extension, which would need to be enabled. Does it work the same way on PC?


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Apr 24, 2001
Hey Sillyman
My suggestion. Get a sound card with a S/pdif digital input (I use the Terratec DMX) and use the digital out on the Roland. This way you don't lose any quality. If you use the analog inputs of a normal sound card there will be a noticable drop in sonic quality. Might be a cheaper option than a CD burner. Also I record into Cool Edit Pro.
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I use a Soundscape Mixtreme with S/Pdif into my Gateway--works like a charm (oh yeah, I have them in stock--BECAUSE I LIKE THEM!)
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On my old Turtle Beach sound card, you had to set a jumper to select either the line input or the CD-ROM analog audio as the source. It sounds like you might be looking at a similar situation.

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Apr 13, 2001
Props to all you PC users for helping out.

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