Reducing overhead on MAC



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I’m just getting into recording and am in a little class where we talked about tuning tips for PC’s to decrease overhead, etc., and tips for maintaining your DAW. But I have a new Macbook. I’m new to Apple, so I know little about them, and my teacher knows nothing about recording with them.

I’d like to know what the differences between recording on Mac and PC are, especially with:
-turning your soundcard off when you are using an interface
-freeing up RAM, making everything run a little smoother

I’m just using Audacity at this point, but will probably be buying ProTools and a compatible interface soon. My Macbook is 2.16 ghz w/ 2 g's of RAM, and I have an external hard drive.



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Feb 15, 2006
Just use it!!!

I have 3 Protools systems, 2 HD, and 1 LE/MBox.
Nothing needs to be touched, it just works right out of the box.


yeah, it's not like on windows were there's 50 zillion processes running in the background eating up your cpu all the time.

i didn't change a thing on my macbook and it works fine for audio.

"-turning your soundcard off when you are using an interface "

as long as your main app has your interface driver selected, you don't really need to do anything to the on board audio, it'll just continue to play system sounds like normal.