Reverb EQ Settings


Apr 15, 2015
I do like my Bricasti - use it digitally to print - no worries on latency. However, the one thing it cannot emulate is the depth that having a Blumlein in the kitchen(12' ceiling) recording the sound (1 room removed via a short hallway) in the great room(27' ceiling). I have yet to run across anything that gets close to that.

Once they get that (and they will), I guess I can throw the Blumlein out the kitchen window.

Sometimes "air" is good - sometimes "clean" is good.

Kurt Foster

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Jul 2, 2002
77 Sunset Lane.
reverbs come and go .... once AMS and Eventides were the snizzel ... now you can't give them away. this will come to pass with the Bricasti's too. it's inevitable. anyone who insists that any verb in a box or a plug is "better" than real rooms , imo doesn't have any expierence using real rooms for any length of time. you need to live with real rooms and chambers and compare them over many different projects / sources to really hear what real reverb has to offer. there is nothing that is more fun to work with than real acoustics. everything else is nothing more than emulation and we all know where that leads ......:rolleyes: