Rhodes Expert Needed




I've just bought an old fender rhodes 73 suitcase silvertop with an effect loop built-in and I have a lot of question to ask.

1. The keyboard action is quite "loose". I have to hit some keys very hard to get a sound. There's a big groove on each felt hammer and damper. What can I do about it?

2a. One of the speaker is blown. Is it possible to use the preamp without using the speakers?

2b. The preamp is powered by the suitcase. Is there another way to power up the preamp?

3. I'd like to change the original Jensen speakers. Wich speakers would do the job?

Thanks for your help.

Nate Tschetter

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Feb 28, 2001
Hi Maxime

I believe you'll find a lot of great Rhodes DIY advice at the [="http://www.fenderrhodes.org/rhodes/supersite/"]Fender Rhodes Super Site[/] .

Have fun!



I own a stage 73 MK2 myself and had the same dents in the hammers as you describe. In the upper region you will only get good results with spare parts. Luckily a store near me had an old rhodes to salvage, so I could replace the uppers. The guy there also gave me the tip of simply tearing off the old felt tips in the bass region and putting them backwards on again. it worked!

Have fun!