Rights between Author and Producer


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Mar 15, 2003
I guess this is a real newbie question on the biz aspects of getting music out into the market. I hope that someone out there is knowledgable and kind enough to give me a few pointers.

So, I have finished this CD that I did with a friend of mine. He wrote more or less all the tunes and lyrics, whereas I did pretty much all the engineering, the arrangements, played most instruments and got it mastered (... yes, by a Pro and it turned out great :D ). My friend suggested (or should I say asked me what I thought) that he would own the music/lyric rights whereas he would give me all production/re-production rights (whatever that means).

Frankly, I have very little idea what each of those two pieces consist of, what they would amount to and whether this would actually be a fair division. I think, however, that it is important that we put something in writing at this point before the album actually gets out. Our friendship means a lot to both of us so we don't want to be fighting over this kind of crap.

Does any of you have a little bit more knowledge (or some good links to educate myself) on this topic?

Your help is much appreciated.



Hey Misterblue,

Next time you are online click that little "search" button and put in music production agreements or something similar. The resources online are to numerous to list.

Best wishes,

JD( o}===;;;