Rocket Network - who's checked it out?


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I've looked at it, haven't used it. I'm not much of a midi person, and the size of high Q audio files would prohibit any modem users.
I do like the idea of it, though. For people that have broadband it would be better.
It would be nice if Cubase handled .shn :) files, so these could be used to send high Q audio a little faster.



thanks for the reply - actually I use it on modem and don't find it limiting - obviously a cable or broadband connection would be better, but working well for me on 56K ;)


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Sep 10, 2000
I recently had the opportunity to see one of the benefits of the rocket network. I was invited to a guy's garage to see a band rehearse. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the band, as it was rather odd, but they kicked major heavy metal ass. These guys recorded together over the rocket network, and had never before assembled to play together as a band. It was amazing! They all knew their parts beforehand, of course, and when they started playing together it sounded like they'd spent the last year in rehearsal...they were tight, and all of the subtle nuances were already worked-out. My jaw hit the floor, and I'm not easily impressed.
This experience shed a whole new light on this subject for me. It's gonna take some time to develop and catch-on, but I believe that online recording is definately going to have some amazing effects on music in the future.


Mar 20, 2000
Nanaimo BC, Canada
Originally posted by orson:
Well now its going to die and here is where a few are gathering to consider alternatives
Well unfortunately I don't subscribe to yahoo because of all the massive spam and porn linked to them but for any of those that participate in the rocketears group pass on this: is a potential candidate for a new Rocket Network.


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Originally posted by orson: is a potential candidate for a new Rocket Network.
That might be something worth checking out. You might have low bandwidth as a demo, and maybe high bandwidth for subscribers. I dunno. It would probably take a fat pipe though.

I thought rocketnetwork was a great idea, although I never used it, I did investigate it somewhat.



Feb 24, 2003
I'm sad to see them go.
I hope that there is another alternative for sending big files.
I loved how easy the rocket network was to send rrough mixes to clients. It is not that often one finds a software interface that does exactly what it says as easily as it says. And it worked every time.
Oh well hope some one picks up where they left off.
Peace and good mixes.
NoteFarm :(


Aug 14, 2001
Is rocket network really dead ?? I went to their website and nothing suggests that, looks like "business as usual" there, Hmmm.....