Rode NT5 Sample / Drum Overheads


Dec 3, 2002
South Carolina
OK folks, I've had a more extensive session with the NT5's today on my drum kit. The MP3 I've posted is a fairly accurate representation of the overall sound.

This MP3 is typical X/Y pattern, about 16" over my head.

I found that in this room on my kit, I enjoyed the spaced pair sound much more. The sound was much bigger, and allowed me better mic'ing of my sort of strange cymbal setup (china extended high in the middle). I tracked with the pair spaced, but used X/Y for this sample.

They are a little dark, but have such a great all around sound and great low end. The kick even sounds good in this clip in my opinion, and you are only hearing the NT5's through my Behringer ULN preamps, Fostex D-160 via lightpipe, to Fostex CR300 burner via SPDIF.

[=""]Here's The Link[/]