Rode NTK vs. Studio Projects T3


Wes Hatchett

Hopefully Alan can give me some insight on this as well...

I am wanting to get my first "nice" vocal condensor. And, it is really between these two mics at this point.

I have heard some great things done with the NTK, and I would have no hesitation on buying it.

However, I have heard some great reviews/opinions on the T3. But, I havn't ever talked to someone who used it a lot, or been able to try it out myself.

I have the SP Demo CD, and I like the sound of it...I would say at this point I am leaning T3 becuase it seems to be a slightly more "world class" mic.

My only hesitation is that I heard from one person that getting the mike placement right seemed very critical with the T3. Being fairly new to this, i need something that will probably be giving to my mistakes.

I will be using this mic 90% for vocals (male, baritone). However i will surely try it out on my acoustic guitar as well.

Anyone have experience with these? I think the T3 is probably 150 bucks more or so, doesn't matter to me.


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Mar 28, 2001
How are you doing Wes Hatchett?
Well...the stock demo adice goes here as well. Demo them both. This might require enough cash/credit for both choices temporaily...but you'll only know for sure if you record your voice and some of the other likely candidates and get to listen back to them, exactly as you'll,where you'll and how, you'll be using them/it.

good luck, and don't forget to come back to us with a report of your findings.


Oct 6, 2001
Torrance, CA USA
Hey Wes,

Sorry for the late reply, but things have been a bit hectic with the new release of Stephen Paul and myself joining up to make some mics.

In either case, placement is something you have to deal with on any mic. No mic has the same kind of proximity. As a purely vocal mic as you say is your use, then that issue is not an issue.

The T3 placement is more critical for acousitc guitars and pianos, but even then, it is not much trouble. The advantage is the mulit-patterns on the T3 and the ability to control them off of the power supply.

I am sure either mic will work for you, so it comes down to what mic is more versitle. Well for me, a mulit-pattern mic is always more versitle, but in the end the decision is yours to make. The T3 at $599.00 in the stores will not break the bank and will perform on a world class level for you. It helped Kahliq O Vision win a Grammy for Marcus Miller, it helped Jason Miles on the Grammy winning Weather Report, and Doug Oberkercher who is Stings engineer loves his T3.

Look, name dropping will not help you, but my point is if some credible people use it, then it should be able to do the job for you. If you want to listen to it in your studio, I have a few dealers who will let you buy it, and some time later if your not happy, you can return it.

So, the rest is up to you. If I can help, let me know.

Alan Hyatt
PMI Audio Group