Roland SRV-3030 and SRV-3030D Preset Program List



I recently picked up a Roland SRV-3030D for $299 brand new (with no tax and free shipping) at The price has dropped to $269.95

The preset sounds are very good, but many of them are not useful. With some tweaking, you can get very good sounds out of it. I could not figure out how to get my SoundDiver software to properly communicate with the unit and to edit the patches.

I like to use the SRV-3030D with Emagic Logic Audio software for recording, and I typed up the presets of the unit to import into banks in the environment. Here is a link to the typed up preset names (for the SRV-3030D or SRV-3030), in case anyone would like to use them:

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By using my previously typed up presets listed on the web page (just copy and paste) you won’t have to retype them for whatever software you are using. In other words, you could create a new bank or environment in your digital recording software to change the reverb patches via MIDI for each song you are creating.

The sound quality is excellent, especially since I only use the SPDIF digital input and output. I route the SRV-3030D directly into Logic Audio recording software (by using an audio input), through a MOTU 828 firewire unit (with the SPDIF digital input and output). This configuration works great! I am running the unit at 44.1 Khz very successfully with the digital input and output. One big pitfall to watch out for: Each patch on the SRV-3030D defaults to 50% reverb and 50% dry. You need to adjust the REVERB LEVEL knob on each preset to 100% in order to get the proper sound...

I had one problem with the unit changing patches glacially slowly when controlled through MIDI. I reinitialized the unit and let it rest for a day or so, and it worked just fine after that. The SRV-3030D runs hot, so give it room to breathe in your rack! It feels very dependable, and I just leave it in my home studio in a rack.

I record world music, folk, ethnic and pop. SRV-3030D works great for all these styles - it has a real smooth and silky reverb tail. The value for $299 (or $269) for a brand new unit is incredible.

Enjoy my typed up presets, if you can use them. Best Regards.

I have the 3030d also.

You can turn the "dry out" to "off" in the system setup so you won't have to worry about the reverb level knob. Sometimes you don't want it at 100% If you're combining the A and B patches, you use the reverb level to adjust the balance between the two.

Do you have any favorite patches for vocals?

Can anyone compare the quality of this unit to a higher end Lexicon (like the PCM 91)? How worth it would it be for me to trade up?