Roland U110 Module...


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Feb 23, 2001
Silicon Valley
Ya, It was my first sound module. It has 4-outputs assignable and PCMCIA slots for optional cards that have sounds (samples on them), Kind of limited in MIDI, voices and editing.

Skip the U110 and get the U220 while it is still obsolete is in the same price range but offers more built in sounds, outputs, effects, voices, less noise, more parameters. Overall twice as good and can still use the PCMCIA cards made for the U110. I still have and use my U220.


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Mar 19, 2003
Kirkland WA
I agree with the U-220 suggestion, I have one and it's still my workhorse.

Presets are good, but I used Sound Diver to create new banks, and to tweak the presets.

My primary instrument is guitar, so I pick up most my gear used. I was also able to pick up a
U-20,(the keyboard version)when a friend upgraded his keyboard rig.

So I have both and they have different sound banks loaded.