Running out of cpu power... Remove some plug-ins



Im running an 800 mhz p3 256 ram. I get this message a little prematurely I think not yet 24 tks. Some hungry plug- ins though, Renasaince Waves stuff. Will more Ram help this???????? Thanks

lorenzo gerace

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Jan 27, 2002

Actually track count isn't the problem; it's plugins count that affect the capability of a system to run smooth: plug ins eat up the most DSP cycles, and can be lightweight like Digidesign's own, or real DSP hogs, like some of the Waves (C4, Ren Verb, L1 etc) or Bomb Factory and you can keep adding them only until your CPU will put out the sold out sign. Your CPU is quite good, but you can't ask it too much (it's a bit outdated now), but a few optimization tweaks could help: how much ram are you using, (if you are at the minimum of 256 Meg, bring it up to 512), double drive configuration, Windows optimization (email me for details on this if you want), and actually how you use the plugins: reverbs are the most heavyweights on CPU, so try to use them as an aux track and send them multiple sources to be processed together ( e.g. all the drums in a kit could use the same room reverb, and only the snare could get a separate one), if you use them as inserts in a track you'll be able to process a single one and have the need for more (got the picture?).

I hope this helps. :)


Yes thanks, Im using them efficiently as aux. tracks. Printing to disk when possible. I have 2 scsi cheetah drives.One just for audio 256 ram. I need to boost that right? Not sure if Im optimized though. you can eMail me at Thanks


I usually get around the CPU limits by running 2 sessions..... For instance You have one session for Drums, Bass, Keys, and other stuff... and then one session for Guitars and Vocals....

For instance, start the bed tracks of your song in a session, and when your getting close to running out of power, do a summed mono bounce of a rough mix.... then import that mix into a new session.... Start recording more stuff in that session......

Then you have 2 seperate sessions.... All you have to do to get them together is, do a final bed track mix back in your "bed track session", and bounce it to disk in stereo interleaved format.... Then do the same with all your vocals and guitar.... Now you have 2 stereo wav of Bed Tracks and one of Guitars and Vocals.... Import them both into a new session and you might need to line them up by sliding them around, which is simple.....

I know what your gonna ask next.. "What do I do if the mix is off"..... Well that's simple

For instance if you find that the cymbals are too loud, or say your keys are too loud, just go back into THAT session and fix it and rebounce an updated mix into your master session.....

It sounds really complicated, but it's so simple, and I do all my stuff this way...... I run waves also... and I use about 50-75 tracks in some of my songs.... this is a very good way to do it... Run a bunch of smaller sessions instead of one packed to the tit's session...