Sebatron vmp-2000e for Heavily Distored guitars?



Well I've been searching for a two channel pre to record metal guitars and I've heard so many good things about the Sebatron I'm definatley considering purchasing one.

But would this pre sound good for heavily distored guitars?

I searched the boards to see if any one had used a sebatron pre for this purpose, but I couldn't find any.


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Dec 22, 2002
I don't think you'll have a problem.
If you're close micing you wouldn't need much gain so you could engage the -15db or -30db pad and get it down quite transparently.
I'd recomend low cut to keep it tight and maybe 'air' if it's a dynamic and you're not layering too much.
But hey ,, no rules to rock in roll.Just focus an attitude. :cool:


Thanks for the reply Sebatron.

Yeah, I'll definately be buying some of your pre's within the next month or so. I've heard so many good things about them and there well priced also.

This will be my first High-end pre so I plan on using for just about everything I can. Drum Overheads, Guitars, and Vocals.


Kurt Foster said:
The VMP will work quite well on any source. I honestly cannot think of anything that it won't sound good on .... except perhaps Jessica Simpson.
Hi Kurt,
why is it not good for Jessica Simpson? am I asking a stupid question :shock: ?