shhh... quite down! cpu and case fans....



i have been looking at fans for my new maxtop server case and am a little concerned. i will line some of the case with noise dampening material and i have space for two 80mm and 1 120 mm fans. i already got a whisper series power supply but am worried if i get stealth fans they will not push enough air to keep my goods cool. anyone want to weigh in on what they use and how you like them? also any comments on those little heatsink blowers, do they cool well enough, is there any advantage. thanks


Go to They make the best thermal acoustic computer silencing products around. We use them excluviely for our boxes. Most of their fans come with a manual regulator so you can change the RPMs. This way you can lower the speed of the fan to a balance bewteen noise and cooling. Hope this helps - Bill