Software Upgrade???



I upgraded from VST 24 to 5.0/32. They sent me a new CD ROM with 5.0/32 on it...Is it the full program on the CD ROM or just an other words, when I reinstall the program do I have to intall the VST 24 first then the 5.0 disc...Or can I just install the 5.0 disc???

I also plan on ordering the upgrade from Wavelab 2.0 to 3.0...How does that work...Will they send me the full program(3.0) Or will I always have to install the previous program(2.0) in order for the latest version to load?


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Apr 7, 2001
VST24 and VST32 are two different programs completely...what you can do is have the VST32 "dongle" or key protect allow you to run the older version of Cubase as well. My reccomendation is to uninstall the old Cubase and install the new one. You wont want to go back to the older one anyways!
Wavelab upgrade I believe is the same thing but I'm not positive as I went right from Sound Forge to Wavelab 3.0...I do remember a buddy of mine that had that and you do need both CD's to upgrade when you reinstall your system if needed. It's all part of the copy protection scheme so just grin and bear with it!!!
Otherwise how are things going for you Munkee? All well in the creative world of music? Glad to see you visiting this forum!