solving latency when recording vocals over prerecorded track



I'm just dipping my toe into hip hop producing. really really new. I'm looking for help with latency when recording vocals over a track. I load the track into the the program sonar 6. record the vocals listening to the beat through headphones. when i play back in the computer the rap is off the beat. I've been trying to cut the vocal tracks into verses and sync them up manually to the beat, but I'll get pretty close at the beginning of the rap, then as it progresses, it get progressively off rhythm. My artist sounds like he can't rap (lol) ANY HELP!!!


what kind of harware (mixer(s), computer) are you using?

I am using the same program and haven't had any problems....


I've had the same issue with garage band. I have PT LE on the same I mac with no problems, so I think its an issue with playback speed vs. record speed. It doesnt seem to be latency because I cant line it up. Strange. What interfave are you using? If you are using the built in sound card then maybe we are having a simmilar problem