Sonar vs Digital Audio Labs



Now I'm really confused...
I've been going back and forth between Twelve Tone Systems(Cakewalk) and Digital Audio Labs(DAL) on a question regarding burning Audio CD's.
Cakewalk gave me a sample rate conversion process which uses my soundcard's ability to manually change sample rates.
Here is the link of how to do this.
web page

However, the sample rate of my sound card can not be manually changed.
The people at DAL says to get another program...
Mmmmm....Cakewalk says most soundcards can do this.
DAL says most audio editing programs should be able to convert the rate within the program.

Who's right......I want to take advantage of my card's 24/96 recording possibilities without all of the hassle of recording my mix to a DAT and back to the software set at "default" 44k to burn a CD.
Whew.....thanks loads......


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Apr 7, 2001 NOT post the same quetion multiple times. This is called cross threading and is quite annoying. I am going to request this thread be deleted and the one in the computing section kept! I have replied to your post already