Sound card advice


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Mar 20, 2001
Near Portland, Oregon
I have been on a quest to find a sound card that works for my studio setup. I need ADAT lightpipe and sync, TOSLINK I/O, and eight channels of analog I/O. I have looked at the Aardvark 24 system. Any experience with their products? I'm using a dedicated PC. Thanks..


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Apr 7, 2001
The experience that I have had with Aardvark hasnt been all that good to be honest. Their drivers are a little sketchy and their support is somewhat lacking what they advertised it to be. I think they should have stuck to sync products and not audio interfaces. The motu 2408 offers all that you need except for the Toslink optical format. It offers sync with Adat's via the PCI324 has an Adat sync IN but not out..if you want to have sync go out to the adat's the best bet is to get a MidiTimepieceAV or a JL Cooper datasync2. Not many devices truly give you optical Toslink format these's mostly SPDIF format. Also an issue with aardvark stuff is the quality of the card...I've seen them crap out pretty quick too. IMHO I would look into a different company