sound card quiz


Lloyd McKean

3 quick questions

1. I have installed a crappy creative soundcard called something like sound blaster 4.1. I'm working with xp pro and am having problems disabling the origanal sound card on the motherboard thru the device manager. The thing is that when I uninstall it it is fine but when I go to reboot, the device manager lists the sound card saying that it needs a driver to be installled. How would you resolve this problem?

2. Anyone who is familiar with sonar 2.0 answer this one. In one of the menus you go to "project" and there is an option called "always use MME interface even when WMA is available". If I unselect this option and restart the program I get a caption that says something along the lines of "One or more of your sound cards does not support stereo, the default option has been set to mono". Why would this be so when I am using WMA drivers? What are the steps required in erasing this problem?

3. My computer is a P4 2.6, 120g with 8MB cache, 512ram with a CAS 3. This would mean that I shouldn't have a problem recording a single track of audio. The problem occurs when I am in Sonar 2.0 and I bring the latency slider to the far left and bring the buffer size down to 2. I don't get drop outs but I get this strange stuttering effect when trying to record. Its like the sound is coming in and out at a really rapid pace. Why would this be so?


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Aug 15, 2003

Can't help you with Q2 and Q3

For Q1, try going into your BIOS and disabling the on-board sound chip.