Soundcraft Spirit FX 16 or Allen & Heath Mix Wizard



I am looking to purchase a live board that has direct outs and FX. Soundcraft Spirit FX 16 and the Allen and Heath Mix Wizzard both have these. . .

The primary function is to create a good FOH and Monitor mix. Secondary functions is to pull the directs off direct into Hard disk.

Looking for opinions regarding pre's, flexability, road worthyness, EQ and over all quality for further investigation:

Thanks in advance!
[=""]Soundcraft Spirit link[/]

[=""]Allen and Heath Mix Wizzard[/]


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Apr 17, 2003
I can't comment on the Soundcraft, but I own a 14:4:2 Allen&Heath and it sounds better to my ears than the Mackies I've heard and also the direct outs on the A&H are pre insert so you can add you're own compressor/gate settings later instead of printing goddamn awful FOH gates, which the Mackies I've come across do because their DIouts are post insert. There are of corse different views on their preamps but the DIout pre insert does it for me ;)