sounds in the middle



pardon my ignorance, but i have a DI and when i plug my guitars/etc. into my recorder, (splitting the channel into two for stereo) then panning them to left and right, it's sounds in the middle. If i bought a second DI, recording 2 tracks simultaneously without splitting the original signal, will this sound not so in the middle? I mean, if i record the guitar twice then pann it to their separate sides it sounds great, but it's a lot of trouble. Thanks for your help



Hi Tyler,

In order to have stereo you need differencies between the signals. These differencies can be level-wise (that's what a normal PAN does) or time-wise (introduced e.g. by a delay (be careful: that's not mono-compatible)). Other ways to "create" stereo would be different EQs for both signals or the obvious ways of creating stereo signals: effects like reverb, chorus, flanger, detune...
And eventually one of the most common things: record the performance twice, in two passes. due to the slight differencies you have as a human musician (I assume :)