SoundTools? MegaMix?



i just picked up the gear i won i a bid, a M-600 console and alot of other misc. stuff.

included was (2) Mac IIfx with MegaMix and SoundTools loaded.

if i use MegaMix at all it'll be for controlling mute scenes and killing faders for tracking sceniros in long and/or large sessions, ie. many I/O for several songs in one long session or several sessions back to back. i use Nuendo and its Automation of course for mixdown and the like. MegaNix would be just for tracking via my M-600 (analog front-end console for Nuendo to record to hd). Any thoughts by anyone? I realize that MegaMix with VCA is a real poor automation system and is slow! since i have it, would it be pratical for controlling mute scenes, etc? (Note: my Nuendo desk faces a wall away from the tracking area, and the M-600 desk faces the tracking area.)

2nd: What is SoundTools? a combo of audio tools and utilites is guess. anyone have any details or know of a web-site discussing SoundTools?


billy j


Hi Billy,

SoundTools (made by Digidesign) was originally written as a sample editor and turned into "the" audio editor (usually in combination with the soundtools hardware I&II).
I still use it for a lot of things.

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thanks Walter,

i use Nuendo, but as i daid got this misc stuff in a bid and trying to put it to use if its valid gear these days?

if i got 2 Mac IIfx, what version might SoundTools be? ASAP possible i power up the Macs and check it out!

i got a ProTools 442 also in the deal. since i have a Mac, SioundTools and a 442, but already use Nuendo and happy with it BTW, what amkes sense in my situation? of sourse if the 442 sounds really great the answer becomes very clear! the 442 has 4 A/D and 4 D/A XLRs with s/pdif and aes/ebu also. 20 bit at 44/48hkhz i assume? as we all know counting bits to some point can be misleading if design is good!!!

thanks for help.

any comments welcome pleaae,

billy j


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Sep 5, 2000
The best thing about the 442 may be the AES i/o's. It gives you the option to feed much better converters into them.