Spectrum Analyzers...

Feb 15, 2001
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
...I need some recommendations in the hardware category (since I don't use a computer in the control room, s/w isnot useful to me!) What is considered good for typical studio usage?
(not for room adjustment, simply for gauging frequency spectrum usage of tracks and mixes)


Let me amend this question a bit - I saw 2 units an Audio Control SA3051 (list $1k), and then there's the rack mount version of the Terrasonde ($1.8K list)... any comments of one over the other, or neither???


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Feb 10, 2001
My favorite [hand down] has always been the Klark Teknik...best display, very accurate, like the time features...mostly it's because the display is so easy to read.

I actually prefer the old one with the LED meters to the new one with the LCD screen.

I have an extra one that needs to be gone over, if you'd like, give me a call at the shop on Tuesday (I'm out of the office on Monday), and I'll fill you in on what's ^#$%ed up with it...all told it'll run you under $1k, and I think will serve your purposes well.